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Hot air generators, what they are 


Hot air generators are equipment that, through a combustion process, produce heat used for heating specific rooms. These tools, given their characteristics, are used to heat industrial environments such as workshops, stables, construction industry environments, sheds and garages. 

Air generators are made of thermal insulating material, which is able to guarantee, in addition to high performance, high resistance to heat and high temperatures.

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Types of hot air generators 


There are mainly three different types of air heat generators. Direct combustion hot air generators, indirect combustion hot air generators and electric hot air generators

Direct combustion hot air generators 


This type of generator involves the use of a powerful fan used to force air through the combustion chamber towards the burner. When air passes through the burner, the heat produced by the combustion process is conveyed into the air flow ensuring 100% thermal efficiency. Direct combustion generators are mainly used in well-ventilated rooms such as factory buildings and warehouses.

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Indirect combustion hot air generators

Indirect combustion hot air generators 


This type of generator is characterized by the presence of a powerful fan whose task is to convey air through the heat exchanger. When air passes through the exchanger, the heat produced is transferred to the air flow. Thanks to the presence of a fireplace. indirect combustion air generators allow the expulsion of gases and so no gas is released into the air flow coming out of the generator.

Electric hot air generators 


Electric hot air generators provide clean and safe heat in a very short time. Their usage is recommended when it’s not possible to resort to the use of oil or gas heaters. Thanks to their small size and light weight they are perfect for emergency situations or temporary heating. 

Hot air generators, where to use them 


Hot air generators are widely used in the industrial sector where low temperatures are the enemy of both workers and materials such as mortar, paint, adhesives and stucco. This type of generator allows the heating of rooms and large buildings in a short time. Hot air generators, however, are also used in private environments:  it is not unusual to find this type of equipment in private houses where it is not possible to achieve an adequate heating degree through traditional means.

Hot air generator for home 


Hot air generators for home are handy and ductile equipment that allow adequate heating of all rooms. Thanks to their small size and ease of transport, they are perfect for heating living spaces according to different needs. This type of hot air generator does not burn oxygen and is suitable for the use in closed environments, because it is powered by electricity. 


Industrial air generators 


Hot air generators are professional equipment that produce the heat needed to warm up large rooms using combustion. The use of hot air generators allows you to quickly and efficiently heat large spaces ensuring a continuous flow of hot air and proper circulation. The main advantage of these generators resides in their ductility and ease of use that allows you to move them from one space to another according to different needs and requirements.

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When to use hot air generators


Hot air generators are used in all those environments where a temperate climate is required. The main field of use of generators is construction. During renovations, construction of new buildings and in the building industry in general, it’s crucial to have a constant and continuous heat source. The use of this technology ensures to heat large and open rooms in a short time with minimal energy consumption. The first consideration that must be made when choosing a hot air generator is the type of environment in which it will be positioned. If the space is closed with consequent reduced air recirculation, it’s recommended to choose an indirect combustion generator that, providing the use of a flue, allows heat in total safety. If, on the other hand, the space is open and well ventilated you can use a direct combustion generator, without the use of a flue. Indirect combustion generators are suitable for heating large rooms and for drying some building works. Direct combustion hot air generators are suitable, instead, for heating smaller rooms or for activities such as drying, and thawing.

Hot air generators advantages 


Hot air generators have several advantages. First of all, there’s the possibility of having a mild temperature in no matter what condition or season. The main characteristic of this type of machinery is the ductility and manageability. In fact, the small size and the presence of wheels allow the generators to be easily transported in order to be used where most needed. This type of generator also requires a minimum expenditure of energy and so it helps cost reduction. 

Hot air generators accessories


In order to guarantee the correct functioning of the generators, it is essential to use the right accessories, during maintenance as well. Our MHTeam is certified and approved to provide accessories, specifically designed for hot air generators. Come and discover our range of accessories like chimney kit, thermostat, wheel kit and much more.

If you need a hot air generator for your business or for your home, MHTeam is the right choice. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our products.