Mondovì Heaters Team

We have an extensive experience in both technical and commercial fields, gained first in Sial Sp.A. and then, at a global level, in Munters. We strongly believe that our knowledge has a tangible value; based on this, we decided to develop a new range of air heaters designed with the aim offully satisfying professional customer requests.

Sede Mh Team Mondovì

What We Do

MHTeam air heaters are high quality devices
guaranteeing reliability, consistency, performance, easy-to-operate, at a competitive price. Our long experience on sales will allow us to satisfy any of your needs throughout the process of product choice, purchase, installation, maintenance and service.
Furthermore, we are available to assist you for any technical questions you may have and, if needed, we are able to provide you with original spare parts of products you used to sell in the past, which your customers might request.

Our ‘Mission’

Offering high quality, reliable products as well as granting customer service, at a competitive price.