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Do you wish to sell industrial portable heaters in Croatia? MHTeam is the correct answer! Since 1998, we are expert in the field of warm air heaters, especially in commercial activities and sales. Through the years we’ve gained technical experience working with Sial and Munters, two leading companies on the market. Our headquarter is based in Mondovì, in the North-West of Italy, our approach is open-minded: we work on a European scale with customers from all over the continent. MHTeam’s mission is pretty clear: to deliver heating devices of high-quality, reliability, high performances, usability and low prices to customers.

To do so, we have available several industrial portable heaters for sale, even for the market in Croatia. Whether you are a dealer of heaters in Croatia already or you want to become a reseller, MHTeam is just the provider you are looking for. On our website you will find our complete range of products. We have available small portable diesel heaters, portable electric heaters all energy efficient, portable gas heaters for sale and a complete series of accessories.

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Portable diesel heaters

Thanks to technical capabilities and elegant shapes, portable diesel heaters are perfect to heat up your industrial rooms. The design of MHTeam’s devices is really exclusive: they are compact and stable in order to serve our customers for years. We take care of the construction materials also: the tank is made of steel, while the combustion chamber of stainless steel. Furthermore, our portable heaters work perfectly with both diesel or kerosene fuel as they are versatile, efficient solutions to produce warm air.Do you want to discover all the models of portable diesel heaters by MHTeamVisit our website!

Portable electric heaters

Portable electric heaters work without polluting fuels or gas, the preferred solutions to customers who want to maintain their working rooms healthy, free from exhaust gas. Thanks to the electric energy, these devices are the perfect warm air producers for your garage, construction industry and all the workplaces with stagnating air. In addition, MHTeam’s electric heaters are all equipped with ventilation function for the best efficiency possibile. During the construction phase we also take care of materials: the external casing is made of metal, while we employ stainless steel for the heating components.

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Portable gas heaters

Better known as GPL, nowadays propane and butane gases are cutting-edge fuels for engines, heaters included. MHTeam makes portable gas heaters available to all the customers interested in this kind of innovative devices, even in Croatia. While selecting our products, the very first rule we follow is security for sure: all our gas heaters are equipped with a safety valve, in order to avoid dangerous leaks. In addition, MHTeam guarantees a full protection from unexpected overheating of the device. Nonetheless, we recommend to employ these heaters in large, well ventilated rooms, in order to prevent the air from becoming unbreathable. 

Do you want to read more about our portable gas heaters? Find them out in our dedicated section of the website!

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Generatore di aria calda DH1-20


professional hot air generators

DH1-30 / DH1-50

Generatore aria calda DH1-70

DH1-70 / DH1-100

Generatore di aria calda a gasolio DH2-I 20C / DH2-I 30C

DH2-I 20 / DH2-I 30

DH2-I 55 / DH2-I 85

Generatore aria calda elettrico EH1


Generatore aria calda elettrico EH2


Generatore aria calda elettrico EH4


Generatore aria calda elettrico EH5


Generatori aria calda elettrici


Flexible sheath for EH5 e DH2-I

Cannone aria calda a GPL


Kit chimney

Termostato ambiente per controllo remoto


Tubo adattatore acciaio inox

Tube adaptateur en acier inoxydable

tubo flessibile con spirale in acciaio

Tube Flexible EH4-09

Wheel kit for DH1-20